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Our four distinct glovebox systems serve as containment facilities for work in space. 

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Since our beginning in the Netherlands in 1984, Bradford has paved the way in the space engineering field.


Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG)

The crown jewel of space facilities, the Microgravity Science Glovebox is the most used science station on the International Space Station. Delivered to ISS in 2002, the MSG occupies a floor-to-ceiling rack inside the U.S. Destiny laboratory module. It is more than twice as large as gloveboxes flown on the Space Shuttle & Mir and can hold investigations up to the size of an airline carry-on bag. The iconic nature of the MSG means that it has been featured in countless images, videos and even feature films.

The MSG has been designed as a modular multi-user facility for performing materials, combustion, fluids and biotechnology in microgravity. Primarily, it provides an enclosed and sealed Work Volume (which totals 67 gallons or 255 liters) equipped with lighting, mechanical, electrical, data, gas and vacuum connections, and thermal cooling control. This workspace is approximately waist-high and can slide out to extended or protracted positions, making it easier for crew members to use. In 2017, the MSG was upgraded with a removable front window, drastically reducing the time it takes to swap investigations.


Life Science Glovebox (LSG)

Large, sleek and elegant, the Life Science Glovebox (LSG) is just brimming with capability. The newest addition to the ISS’s suite of science facilities, the LSG will be the largest and most capable glovebox yet. When sent up to the ISS in August 2018, the LSG will be installed in Japan’s Kibo module and housed in a zerogravity stowage rack, plugged in to the station’s support systems such as power and includes video, data recording and realtime downlink capability.

This state-of-the-art facility is fully enclosed with a work volume of 500 liters and incorporates an acrylic removable window with two glove ports on the front window and two each on the left and right sides of the structure. Two astronauts can work with the LSG at the same time, with the option for guidance from experimenters on the ground conducting at least two experiments simultaneously, an exceptional capability.

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Biological Glovebox (BGB)

Compact and capable, the Biological Glovebox (BGB) is a facility originally designed for biological research on the International Space Station, located in the Biolab facility in the Columbus module. With 35 liters of interior volume, a built-in sterilization facility, three removable front doors and two standard gloveports, the BGB has all the capability for small biological or other type of experiments in microgravity. The BGB was delivered to ISS in 2008.


Portable Glovebox (PGB)

Small, portable and convenient, the Portable Glovebox (PGB) is exactly how it is described. The PGB is a multi-user facility for biological or other type of small research on long duration space flights to the International Space Station. The PGB is special in that it provides convenient two levels of containment; the first level being the enclosure itself, the second level is realized through a negative pressure inside the box. The PGB is qualified to be used inside the NASA’s US lab, ESA’s Columbus laboratory and the Russian Segment.

The PGB has a sealed volume of 21 liters and two gloves for experiment manipulations inside. The gloves are mounted on a standard 4” Glove Ring that allows easy exchange. Different sizes of gloves can be mounted on these Glove Rings. The Top, Bottom and Front Window allow observing Glovebox activities. Both the Top and Bottom Windows are completely removable, which create an opening for experiment insertion.

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