Customizing Your Workspace


Custom Workspaces

The range of what you want to accomplish and explore in space is great and diverse. The form of a Bradford Workspace is equally broad. All designs can be customized for your particular need with the assistance of our capable and creative engineers. This includes:

  • Shape and size of the work volume
  • Environment (pressure and temperature) control range
  • Output feeds
  • Workspace access points
  • Mechanical and electrical interface
  • Autonomous control and monitoring
  • Internal mechanisms

Workspace Mockups

Bradford frequently builds workspace mockups of all sorts; from basic ‘look and feel’ concept models, all the way to high-fidelity flight demonstration equipment with full functionality. Uses of Workspace mockups include:

  • Workspace design concepts
  • Workspace testing and qualification (with full or part functionality)
  • Astronaut / space traveller training equipment
  • Ground-based research analogue facilities (interactive space environment simulations)
  • Interactive displays for museums and educational institutions

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